Reviews and Comparisons

A great thing to do before going and purchasing an air purifier is to search and look at reviews. There are many places you can do this and you want to make sure that the website is trustworthy and legitimate. While you can go to general websites such as Amazon and Walmart, there are websites that are specifically for reviewing air purifiers. Some of these websites are below.‎

Once you go to one of these websites, you will be able to see different purifiers and sometimes different filters. The first thing it will tell you is if it’s one of the Top 10 products on the market. You will also be able to see ratings on things such as: customer rating, how many reviews it has, the top concern of it, how many square feet it covers, how much noise it makes, how easy it is to use, whether the warranty is good or not, and what price you can expect to pay. Since all that information is on the first page, you can select a specific product to look at. Once you do that, it will take you to the page where you can read all the information on it. This will show you any important information you might need to help you decide whether or not you want to purchase it. Some of the pages will also have videos of the product and information regarding placement and filter changing. This page will also allow you to see the reviews. The reviews will show the star rating and any information that the reviewer adds. You can also ask questions and see answers to other questions that were asked. You can also say whether or not certain reviews were helpful. When looking at the reviews, you can sort them by highest rating, lowest rating, newest, most helpful votes, and least helpful votes. One other thing you can do is read reviews at a specific star level. For example, if you want to just read reviews with 2 stars, then you can push 2 stars and it will show you all those reviews.

These websites are also great for comparing different products. For starters, you can search for the same product across multiple websites and see how similar the information, reviews, and star ratings are. If there is a big discrepancy, then that might be something you want to avoid. Another thing you can do is compare the prices. One website might have the same exact product for a better price or with more things included with purchase. They might also have different warranties than the other websites. Another great thing about being able to compare the same products on different websites is that some of them may have more information about the product. This means that you can get even more important information that can aid you in your purchase. Keep in mind that these other websites might also have different questions that were asked and different viewpoints in the reviews. All this will help you look at every aspect you can before deciding to purchase. This is important because these products aren’t cheap and you definitely don’t want to be out of money.